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EMS is a great strengthening workout that trains all your muscles simultaneously, in just 20 minutes, saving you time.

It is an amazingly effective tool for weight loss and toning right from your first session and can balance out the muscular system.

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I can help you choose the foods that are right for you and your body.

Making small changes to your diet and eating habits could help to transform your health without the need for drugs which have unwanted side effects. I want to help you live well, not just live longer.

Weight Loss

I offer personalised weight loss packages by looking at your health history, your current health status and eating habits.

During the programme, I will give you a full body composition scan which will give me a comprehensive insight into your health and fitness.

I will devise the best programme for you taking into account your dietary preferences and your lifestyle. This will include shopping lists, recipe ideas, and targeted nutritional supplements.

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"My health, my resistance to infection in particular, is changed out of all recognition since you advised me. Since I started following your recommendations, I'm a different person."

A. McKibbin

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